Testing Accommodations

Please note that these accommodations are relevant for Undergraduate, MBA, and Graduate students. Click here for accommodations pertaining specifically to Law students.

What are testing accommodations?

Testing accommodations are modifications to the way you take a test. They do not lower the standards of the test but simply allow you to better demonstrate your understanding of the course material without the interference of your disability. Examples of testing accommodations include extended time, room with less distractions, a reader, or use of a computer.

How can I obtain testing accommodations?

To receive testing accommodations, you must do three things:

  1. First, you must obtain a Request for Testing Accommodation (RTA) form from the Sara Bea Disability Services office. You will need one for each class for which you are requesting testing accommodations. RTA forms only apply to your current classes, so you will need to request new forms each semester.
  2. Next, you need to take your RTA forms to your instructors. If they agree that your accommodations are reasonable, then you each need to complete your portion of the RTA form. 
  3. Finally, you must return the completed RTA form to Sara Bea Disability Services two (2) business days before the first test for which you have requested accommodations.

What if my instructor does not think my requested accommodations are reasonable?

If your instructor feels the accommodation will fundamentally alter the nature of your test, course, or program, then the instructor must discuss his or her concerns with the Coordinator of Sara Bea Disability Services and the instructor’s Dean. 

If the issue is still unresolved, then the instructor must provide his or her Dean, in writing, any concerns about the requested accommodation, and the Dean is responsible for issuing a final determination. Should you have a test while the Dean is considering the issue, you will receive the accommodations determined by Sara Bea Disability Services.